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This room currently hosts meetings of the Runnymede Area U3A Science Discussion Group (to which all are welcome) and the Science Online project which is a collaboration between Runnymede Area U3A,Yately and District U3A and Torridge U3A .
Science Online
We are currently planning a talk to be shared amongst participating U3A’s. Details to be advised.

Runnymede Area U3A Science Discussion Group
We missed our first meeting of the extended year because the Group Leader is calendar challenged .Our next meeting will be the Science Discussion Group AGM at which we can discuss how we operate in the future.Following this we could have a quick chat about spaces with more than three dimensions.

This might be a fun place to start.

Klein bottles

Our group leader will be giving a short talk at the monthly meeting which might turn out to be a plug for the Science Discussion Group .You will be sent an invitation on the morning Monday Sept 7th


If you are not a member of the group and you have not attend before as guest please Email Us



Hosted By: laurence
Start: October 6, 2020 @ 2:30 pm
Category: News
Duration: 60
Timezone: Europe/London

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