Runnymede AreaU3A Beacon Meeting

Discussion to see if we can produce a recommendation on the use of Beacon.
Beacon is aa information system which has been designed to help with the running of a U3A.
Currently I keep the accounts on some spreadsheets which I have designed (Jean had a similar set).
Malcolm uses Exel Spreadsheets to keep membership records and these form the basis for our Gift Aid claims and the calculation of the money due to the Third Age Trust on an annual basis.
Currently Malcolm keeps email addresses and so do I for Newsletters,we try and keep them in step .
Our Membership and Treasury functions work well at present and are manageable for the current size of Runnymede Area U3A.
Anyone taking over from Malcolm or myself will need to be able to use our spreadsheets or design their own.
Beacon comes with a set of forms which captures the information about membership, categories of expenditure and income and performs a reconciliations with ledger balances.
It also has provides support for Group Leaders, deals with GDPR requirements and allows for the creation of flexible mailing lists.
The cost is £1 pa/member.



Hosted By: Laurence
Start: June 18, 2020 @ 2:30 pm
Duration: 40
Timezone: Europe/London

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