U3A Online Sites

(We  try to support online activity throughout the u3a community, please contact us with news of your site)

Many U3A’s have their own site ,to see news about them follow our Surfing the Sitebuilders page.

We have just received the New Year edition of the vu3a newsletter .The  news letters are free and  offer a range of advice and interesting articles along with information about the vu3a itself.

The vu3a is a subscription based site which seeks to replicate the activities of a “terrestrial” u3a minus the cups of tea.

U3APlus,the U3A’s programme to support accessibility and inclusivity launched its website in early January 2018

After relatively quiet period there has been recent activity on the U3ATalk site.Largely old friends catching up and some lively environmental discussions.

Try and find time to visit u3aonline, this site has benefited from some funded development and is hugely informative and offers access to GEMS another newsletter.

For a truly international take on the u3A  visit WorldwideU3A.News from U3A’s around the the world with a substantial UK participation .