St Theresa’s

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St Theresa’s in Colonel Light Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.

My memories are of a small Catholic school called where most of the children were of first generation immigrants who had come out in the 1920s-30s from England/Ireland/Scotland. In 1950 or thereabouts we had a new migrant surge after WW2 and in a large paddock area just across the road from us a huge camp of Nissan huts was set up and people from all across Europe arrived to live in the huts. The thing I remember most was the number of white goods they brought with them – washing machines, radios, sewing machines, fridges, electric stoves. Nearly every hut had two or three items in them.
We, in our proper brick houses, still had ice-chests with weekly deliveries of ice, mangles to get the water out of our laundry, wood stoves to boil our kettles and heat our water. We didn’t get a fridge until the 1960s. I remember home-made icecream. How delicious.


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