The sites featured here all engage in some form of online activity Please get in touch if you come across others.

This site provides a wealth of information and functions with a number of sub domains which sometime means that things are hidden away somewhat .When familiar you can navigate to a number of fairly self-contained spaces.

The Educational Journal of the u3a is the source of information about designated subject areas and Shared Learning projects

U3A Research database..

An international site fostering international collaboration through discussion and shared projects.

The site host a monthly Zoom meeting to discuss a range of topics.

The site is wiki based and and is accessed via a subscription. Mainly focussed on social interactions amongst the membership but it is also home to a vast archive of material produced by members over the years.

Based in Australia this site developed with the aid of Government, funding styles itself as the worlds first virtual u3a .The site hosts many learning projects and like the vu3a produces informative Newsletters.

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