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Pop ups are no more:they were a nightmare to use on tablets and anyway the “plugin ” broke
Our social area is now based on a “wiki”  to accommodate any visitors who are more familiar with that particular platform.Done my best to make it user friendly.
Updated the home page which previously featured  a lot of scrolling (I now know how to do that) .Idid that to try and keep the page to a”screen full”,done it a different way  
You can stop the ticker by hovering on it and go directly to any links highlighted in blue

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This is the place to come to review recent comments ,see who is online and read news about the site.
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Jo Corke: Morning, or bonjour as we say here.
Laurence: Morning diverted to other tasks for a while
Jo Corke: OK, I'll go skiing,
Laurence: "Break a leg" as they saying theatrical circles
Laurence: This is essentially just a chat room, it is currently not monitored .I do get notifications of of any comments on posts and mostly I reply to those when not on holidaycool
Jo Corke: 14th March Einstein's birthday and chosen as Pi Day. The google doodle is running.
Maggy Simms: Hello, I'm new. Having a look around!