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A page which I hope will be of interest; on verra.The idea for this “Calais to Carcassonne”, arose from a trip through France and noting that many places, not just Calais, share British & French Connections; history, religion, geography and geology, science & maths, industrial archaeology, language, genealogy, sociology, politics – they’re all here so there is the opportunity for you to contribute if you want to do so. We hope that you will.

The route can be wherever we want to go; We began the journey at Calais in October 2016.

Amiens: on the A16, half way between Calais (October’s town) & Paris, hosts the Amiens International Film Festival every November. Douglas Trumbull is guest of honour in 2016. You may not know his name, but I think you will know his work.

Trumbull revolutionised science-fiction cinema by directing the special effects for three landmarks in the genre’s history: “2001: A Space Odyssey” (Stanley Kubrick), “Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Steven Spielberg) and “Blade Runner” (Ridley Scott). He has also made films that renewed the themes of science fiction, notably with ecological issues in “Silent Running” or the forms of cinema entertainment itself in “Brainstorm”.

Et pour les enfants, Le Petit Prince est une œuvre de langue française, la plus connue d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Publié en 1943 à New York simultanément à sa traduction anglaise. Le bande-annonce

Chances are that if you visit Amiens you will see the cathedral, at least from the outside. A spectacular light show “Amiens la cathédrale en couleurs” runs in the summer; it is also scheduled daily in December.

The author of this page is is:Jo Corke
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