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Getting Older

Things not to do as we get older

We are blessed with all sorts of advice on things to do as we get older, this post is about things not to do.

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Also on President elect Trump

President elect Trump

images-4Newspaper and television analysis have been absolutely fascinating today. It would seem that his election may be part of a global pattern of challenging the authorities and the way that things are normally done, and that there may well be more to come.
Of the man himself, it was interesting to see him in the White House, on his best behaviour at the moment. There is considerable speculation as to who will form part of his team. At the same time there are apparently substantial demonstrations against his election in several USA cities.

It is suggested that he has a limited attention span and dislikes being contradicted – not good news for a future President – we shall see.


Author:Verne Hardingham
Posted :November14th 2016

Memory Project

The Memory Project

Thank you for joining us . We are not sure where this project is going but the underlying thought is that if we don’t record our memories they will one day be lost forever .Our plan is to capture as many memories as we can and then set about categorising what we have collected. It seems that photographs are a good way of reviving memories so if can upload one with your comments we will and try and add it to the post . Most importantly however we value your recollections so please add a comment.
1.St Theresa’s,South Australia
2.Me and Keith,Dartford
3.Redland Teacher Training College,Bristol
4.Computing in the 70’s

Nostalgia is not what it was

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