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“I am therefore I think”

“Is this putting Descartes before dee horse?”                                                                            “Rules are Banned

 I used to be indecisive now I’m not so sure

Three things I really hate


2.Lists                                Lions 6 Christians 0


Arsenal are magic they disappeared from the top 4



   Whither atrophy?      Plan B=Make Plan A work

Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour. FC .

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November 26th 2016


“All Americans must be accompanied by an adult”

Jean-Paul Satre, writing his ‘Being and Nothingness’ in a café, asks for a coffee without milk. The waitress says, “Sorry, we have no milk; will you take it without cream?”

“Prediction is always difficult, especially about the future”. (statisticians everywhere.)

Posted by Laurie 23rd Nov 2016

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This is a general Science discussion which will be updated from time to time.

First of all the “health warning”

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I used to be a Physicist a long time ago.  I keep up with my subject mainly by reading New Scientist. I make no claims to accuracy  in this post and would be delighted to hear from anybody who can put me right. I will have a go at answering questions, again,  with the proviso that the answers might also be wrong.

To get things going I have written three short pieces on topics about which I have been thinking about.Almost on cue 100 years after the publication of the General Theory of Gravitation by Albert Einstein the theory as been vindicated by the detection of
Gravitational Waves
Clearly there are a large number of “triumphs” for modern theoretical physics .But all is not as perfect. Sometimes theory does not fit with observations and Physicists need to invent all kinds of stuff and then worry about detecting it.Here is an example of what some may regards as a bit of a “bodge”
Dark Matter

Physicists do their physics in a large number of different ways Some of us try and get most of the way towards an answer by waving our arms about (plausibility argument) and then when we think we have it we go back and to it properly.(This what appears in the journals).Some of us when waving our arms about like to invoke something called symmetry. Here is an example of how far you can get like this.
Billiards and Why We Are Here
I found this clip after I’d written the stuff about billiards and was slightly pleased that it was saying the same thing only better and a bit more .
It says maybe there is just one electron in the universe

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