How Do We Cope With Being House-Bound?

If we are content to accept that we are in the general purview of U3A members, it is likely that every now and then we shall have times of ill-health which will mean that we are unable to leave the house except to visit doctors, hospitals, therapists etc.  I have just been through, and am gradually coming out of such a time, and I realise that apart from listening to music, radio or TV/DVDs I didn’t do much else.

I accept that when I was coping with the ‘acute’ stage it was hard enough to bear with the illness, so I would probably not have been able to do anything else, but could my personal assistant have found new things for me to listen or see? Could she have tapped into the National Resource Centre to find things of interest, rather than me watch constant re-plays?

Posted: 31.10.16 The author and moderator of this post is is: Hillary Stringer