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Arts and Theatre

Arts and Theatre

We have recently been going to the “National Theatre Live” events at our local cinema .I used to go the theatre about once every eighteen months or so,it was quite expensive; train into London,a meal and the ticket price;it soon adds up.So I suppose we were quite risk averse, needed good reviews before we would go.”No mans land” was my first experience of Pinter. Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart acted brilliantly and the after show interview was informative and amusing, Mckellan told us that he gauges an audience by their reaction to the first really rude word .”Amadeus” was brilliantly acted by actors I didn’t know. Very different from the film; looking of Mozart concerts now.
One slight disappointment is that the audience’s were all about our age; Where were all the school groups ?
Going to risk Hedda Gabla next.
Here are two links to the NTL website which give a flavour of both events: No Mans Land and Amadeus.These clips also give you access to the main site and I have just spent an hour following the “behind the scenes” link.

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This space is available to past and existing members of the vu3a.Because the vu3a is an online organisation its current members interact socially amongst themselves on the vu3a site,however,the organisation does have a growing group of “alumni” who might like to keep in touch with former colleagues. We are also trying out some ideas for creating online spaces for U3a’s to help them stay in touch with their u3a+ community . The space is password protected and users will be emailed whenever it is changed.


I am carrying on with some site development for the u3a+ project. Recovering from whatever it is that is going around,too tired to exercise and no exercise makes make me grumpy.First trip out last night to see the National Theatre Live :Amadeus : Stunning, getting to like cinema experience more than traipsing into London. Is this getting old I wonder.


Remember Charlie?. I never really got to know him before he departed last year (he did put me straight about what a wiki is in quite a straightforward way).

I think we all remember his reminder to us to” Stay Well” . This is what he is up to now.There is clearly life after the vu3a. Thanks to Jo for the update .

Hilary,Verne,Jo and Mary

Hilary is presently in poor health so is unable to continue with the day to day running of the u3a+ project .Verne, Jo and Mary continue to help with debugging the site and creating new pages. Verne is actively engaged with Rugby u3a where she is leading some local history studies and we are exploring ways in which her expertise might be shared.


Since moving on we have all been putting our efforts into u3a+ project,
if anyone who is unfamiliar with the project this video describes the project and how our work fits in.
The vu3a has a wealth of experience of working on line and we hope that we can find ways of collaborating in the near future.

Staying in Touch

I’ve created this post primarily as a means of keeping in touch.I will try and find ways of resuming some of our conversations..I also really believe that the best way forward for the vu3a and the u3a+ project is to work closely together sharing both expertise and content .You can always contact us on the site. Login/Registration Page


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In the News

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Potential Topics :Brexit


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The following clip ( which is in the news because this is the season for “tech” conferences) is something that will excite some people and frighten others.


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Posted: June 21st 2016

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