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Welcome to Anytown U3A Online

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Notice board

  1. This months book is The Silk Roads,Please leave your thoughts on the book page and we will have the online book group Thursday 10th July between 3 and 4pm in the Coommon Room (All welcome)
  2. Laurence will be available to answer questions on the this short video on  multiverses.(Between 12 midnight and 1am most nights in the  Common Room room)
  3. Please leave your comments on the plan to increase subscriptions on in the Common Room.
  4. We video recorded Ian’s talk on “The night spots of Godalming” which didn’t last for the full scheduled 10minutes follow link
  5. Anyone needing a lift to next weeks ramble contact
  6. On every Thursday at 11am the online nature group will post their observations from their window;this will be in the Common Room
  7. Please upload you contribution to this months “Photograph album
  8. This months topical video is the TED talk Why and how Russia hacked the US election. This talk provides an interesting backdrop to the talk to be given by Teresa on “The Social Media Revolution and its impact on the General Election”

Last updated Jan 2020