Redland Teacher Training College, Bristol

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Many of my teachers were qualified by virtue of having been in the army”. As it happens, in the current chapter of a book I am reading it says this:
“At Redland Teacher Training College, Bristol, the first students, all men, arrived in March 1947. Most came straight from demob, having served in the front line, in prison camps, on the Burma railway, in the Royal Air Force or the Royal Navy, or in the south Wales mines. Some had passed the school certificate examination; others had left school at 14. The first session lasted 13 months with no breaks except for public holidays; there was then a six-week break before the next intake, which included women, again mostly from the armed services. Given the students’ wartime experiences, it is not surprising that they expected to be treated as adults and were impatient with disciplinary rules and similar restrictions, especially the 10pm curfew. Redland developed a spirit of independence of mind, with overtones of socialist ideas and a scepticism towards authority and religion that lasted many years.”
In 1980 I taught there and it was still like that; it was great.

Jo :October 24, 2016 at 5:45 pm

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