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The forum is hosted by Ray Hardisty and, starting February 2021, will be held held on the first Thursday of every month at 1:30 pm . Any member of the U3A is welcome to join us by registering using the link below.

The credentials for joining us will be mailed to members shortly before the meeting but you can always join from this page by following the link below.

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About Us

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INSPIRED by stories of the power generated by special activities bringing individuals of different age groups together this group wants to discover what makes intergenerational practice tick. They’ll be looking at how it contributes to the building of age-friendly communities where everyone has the chance to respect each other, have a voice and gets to play their full part. As well as how schemes that really work can create opportunities in many places and for all sorts of reasons for different generations to learn from, support, meet and enjoy each other. There’ll be input from invited speakers covering schemes already running and those dreaming of launching ideas. Links will be established with research partners at all levels. And U3A members will be finding out what is happening, where. What works and what doesn’t. Discovering what could be launched to assist health and wellbeing during the pandemic. And exploring what can be nurtured and encouraged for whenever we return to what is the new normal. The group is looking for input from across the UK and beyond. And provides a rare opportunity for those U3A members with research and analytic skills to be involved in something realistic and meaningful. Meetings will be held monthly but it is expected that some streams of enquiry will lead to project groups meeting separately and reporting back on their endeavours. Digital technology and Communities Online will ensure Generation Linkers breaks fresh ground within the U3A. We look forward to you joining us in this venture with a difference.

We have decided to try out a conversation facility to go with this page .It will be used initially to share thoughts and ideas about the Forum .If you you are logged onto the site you can simply type your comment and submit, if not you will be asked for your name and email address to enable you to submit .

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The penalty for not commenting will be revealed at our next meeting. Laurencex
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