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Our next meeting will be held on February 10th, 2021 and can be joined via the link below

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The forum met for the first time on 7th of December with over 30 attendees . There were 5 presenters and each gave a short talk about some aspect of Science associated with their locality. Summaries of the talks can be found here .Based on feedback via the group leaders we are thinking of limiting the number of presenters to 2 and extending the meeting length to 90 minutes . It was noted that the “softer sciences ” were under represented in the presentations.

We have not yet settled on a topic for the next forum, we have a preliminary suggestion : “Scientific Heroes” which offers good potential for personal perspectives but we will be happy to consider alternatives .

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We have decided to try out a conversation facility to go with this page .It will be used initially to share thoughts and ideas about the Forum .If you you are logged onto the site you can simply type your comment and submit, if not you will be asked for your name and email address to enable you to submit .

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Steve Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
1 day ago

Many thanks Tom for an interesting and thought-provoking talk this morning and to Laurence for organising it. We can see the singularity coming just as we saw global warming coming. Will we do anything about it? What can be done about it? I was keen to find out more about the IBM-sponsored World Community Grid project. It’s a bit like SETI-at-home, but for solving the world’s most important and difficult problems on earth, eg, childhood cancer, Covid-19 treatments, rainfall forecasting in sub-Saharan Africa, study of the human microbiome and disease, etc. It’s safe, secure and does not adversely impact upon… Read more »

Jo Corke
Jo Corke
1 month ago

I enjoyed the five presentations. I agree that the presenters could have been given a bit more time and that time for the audience to put some questions would be good. Two presentions of 15 minutes each then time for questions within an hour seems about right to me. 90 minutes seems a bit long because audience concentration is always limited.
“Science heroes” gives plenty of scope.

Barry Zussman
Barry Zussman
Reply to  Jo Corke
1 month ago

I agree with Jo about 90 minutes being too long, and that we should aim to finish within the hour.

Barry Zussman
Barry Zussman
1 month ago

Hello everyone! With Laurence’s help, I’ve finally managed to log in. I’d like to wish all of you a ?merry? Christmas (what’s left of it)! Here’s a cartoon to raise a smile amid the gloom.

Joke (1).jpg
Steve Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Reply to  Laurence
1 month ago

But not the photo of Barry’s above, I trust! (Presumably the b&w pic under the title. I would echo the suggestions on time allocation, etc.
Laurence, if you’re using two fingers to type, try switching them over. Alternatively, search for space+stop and replace with stop+space. I will lob you a couple of sentences for local/science heroes via email.

The penalty for not commenting will be revealed at our next meeting. Laurencex
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