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The Dickens Forum is hosted by Runnymede Area U3A and  is open to all members of the U3A .We are an informal group who share an interest in the life and work of Charles Dickens. We next meet on

15th Feb 11am

The meeting  can be joined directly from this page by clicking on the link below.

Meeting does not exist: 95515501049.

If you have not attended the Forum before please Register to let us know that you are coming.

Our topic will be: Little Dorrit In December 1855 the scene starts to be set in the first instalment of Little Dorrit. According to the Durham Chronicle of 7 December “ There is only a brief mention of Little Dorrit herself, but we are introduced to a group of travellers newly arrived at Marseilles. One of whom is Mr Meagles who is an Englishman “who never by any accident whatever acquired any knowledge of the language of any country in which he travelled” and who “ addressed individuals of all nations in idiomatic English with a fullest conviction that they were bound to understand it”. Part 2 is reviewed in the Falkirk Herald of 10 January 1856 we learn about her father who is in the Debtors prison the Marshalsea where he is described as the Father of the Marshalsea and “ a very aimable and helpless middle-aged man”. In order to find out more about him and to meet the other characters will need to read the book!

The BBC series is no longer available on Iplayer but you can get it on Amazon Prime. I think they offer a 30day free trial which should be enough to see the series.Follow this link Little Dorrit.

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We have decided to try out a conversation facility to go with this page .It will be used initially to share thoughts and ideas about the Forum .If you you are logged onto the site you can simply type your comment and submit, if not you will be asked for your name and email address to enable you to submit .


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The penalty for not commenting will be revealed at our next meeting. Laurencex
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