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A useful video from NatWest

We will try and keep a record of all the scams reported to us here
There is a place below to type in details of anything which happen to you and which appears suspicious
During the current lockdown a number of new scams are emerging.Here are two that I’ve heard about.HMRC:(Tax refund) and Police:(Fine for breach of Social distancing) .I am assured that HMRC don’t send emails offering refunds and that the Police do not issue fines via emai.It is important that you report scams. Please email us so that we can make others aware.Lesley has recently received texts saying it is from her bank. The text has actually come from a mobile and is asking her to click on a link. Beware the link is a scam.

When she receives a phishing email, Lesley will try to report it to the relevant company, i.e. Amazon for a suspiscous Amazon email. Alternatively,Report Phishingis a useful email address to know.

Note from July newsletter

In our last edition we posted some material on staying safe from scams .Since then Myra Boyle has contacted us about a TV Licensing email which is doing the rounds. It looks very official but gives itself away if you hover on the senders email address (usually a good idea ). 

Below there is an invitation to Login before commenting, this is not mandatory you can comment by providing your name and email address .Your comment will then be held for moderation .It would be helpful if you could mention your home u3A in your comment .

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