Charles Dickens

We are looking at the possibility of setting up an online ” Charles Dickens” club for those of us who share an interest in his literature and his life . We have no firm view on how this might work .It could be like like a “distributed U3A group” very like the ones we are familiar with but without the cups of tea . We are planning a get together on September 1st to discuss all of this.If you would like to join us please leave a comment below or email us .

Our Zoom Meeting is Scheduled for September 1st at 2pm. You can join the meeting from this page or via the link which will usually be sent out on the morning of the meeting.

Meeting does not exist: 95515501049.

Below there is an invitation to Login before commenting, this is not mandatory you can comment by providing your name and email address .Your comment will then be held for moderation .It would be helpful if you could mention your home u3A in your comment .

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The penalty for not commenting will be revealed at our next meeting. Laurencex
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