Diversity and Inclusion (web site working party)

Some things you might want to discuss

Producing the pages on Accessibility has been relatively straight forward .The pages contain information and links to information to support U3A’s achieve their aim of becoming more inclusive of those of their members with physical and mental impairments. A static website is is quite a good way of doing this . The site itself does not set out to change attitudes ,it augments the work carried out in workshops and the other places where we try to influence our members .

The first question which we might want ask ourselves is . Can we usefully add pages to our existing website which embraces our wider remit ? We can certainly include advice about being more welcoming of new members in general and perhaps suggest a particular focus on those members who find themselves in a minority for whatever reason .Can this be done in a way that isn’t patronising ?

Would it be useful to post something something about what we are are trying to achieve.?

Would it be useful to post advice on U3A’s setting up forums where there members can examine their attitudes to diversity ?

Zoom meeting is scheduled for 2:30pm , Monday 6th July.You can join by coming to this webpage or use the link which I will send out on the morning of the meeting.

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Laurence Julien

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Jo Corke
Jo Corke

Hi laurie,
These are the notes for the D&I meeting on this page.
Just confirming this is a different meeting from the one on July 6th at 11AM



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