Calais to Carcassonne

The Journey from Calais to Carcassonne will eventually be accomplished in stages each covered on a separate page, with our discussion focussed here.
The idea for this “Calais to Carcassonne”, arose from a trip through France and noting that many places, not just Calais, share British & French Connections; history, religion, geography and geology, science & maths, industrial archaeology, language, genealogy, sociology, politics – they’re all here so there is the opportunity for you to contribute if you want to do so. We hope that you will.

The route is not predetermined; we began the journey at Calais
in October 2016.

Page 1 Previously at Amiens
Page 2 Rheims
Page 3 Chemin des Dames
page 4 Troyes
page 5 Orléans
page 6 Le Mans

Posted: 31.10.16 Updated March 2018. The author and moderator of this post is is: Jo

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