The regular international U3A forum next convenes noon UK time June 1st. More Details
Runnymede Area U3A Science Discussion Group will be holding an online meeting 2pm June 2nd .Guests welcome . More Details
The u3a is compiling a diary detailing our experiences during the lockdown as part of its Living History programme .More Details
In response to the Covid-19 crisis the vu3a has created an “Open House” experience.More Details

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We will, try and keep this post up to date with news about online activities .Please leave us a comment about what you would like to see here. We would be particularly interested to hear from U3A’s who would like to start an online activity in any subject area . Perhaps you have some course material that could be posted as a prelude to an online discussion .You might want to “twin” with another U3A for an online meeting about almost anything.Could you volunteer to host an online meeting for those who can’t attend your regular activities ? Of course we won’t be able to do everything but with a few volunteers we could achieve quite a lot.Please Email Us

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Hi, also checking in to the new U3A Communities Online. Pleased to see that the contributions from the previous iteration have been archived at the bottom of the home page. Looking forward to engaging again.

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