Science Discussion Group

This is the home page of the Science Discussion Group .We post  material here to inform a monthly discussion which we hold on the first Tuesday of every month.If you would like to join us please contact the Group Leader

February Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Feb 4th, Hythe Centre at 2pm.

I am planning to talk about the Large Hadron Collider, to then continue our discussion about water and do a little bit about cryptography.
As background to the last topic you might wan’t to look up what Julius Caesar did to encrypt his communications .
You will notice that I have enabled comments below ( forget why I disabled them ).
I am not sure that all of you have login credentials ,I have created a generic login for the Group.
The Username is “Science Discussion” and the password is in in the email which I send out every month.
I am informed by our treasurer (me) that I need to collect £6 to cover room hire until the end of August.