Science Discussion Group

This is the home page of the Science Discussion Group .We post  material here to inform a monthly discussion which we hold on the first Tuesday of every month.If you would like to join us please contact the Group Leader

March Meeting

I have messed up on the March date and depending on your availability and the co-operation of the Hythe Centre I would like to schedule our next meeting for March 10th.
The topics which I hope to cover in this or subsequent meetings are: An update on AI. (how much of the material in this video do you believe ?)

I would also like to plan the way forward for our discussion around genetics and you might like to review the ground covered last year Genetics.
Could you let me know about you availability on the 10th by leaving a comment below or if you prefer email me.
Alternatively someone could lead the meeting in my absence,I would endeavour to put up enough preparatory material to ensure a lively discussion.
Please feel free to comment on items in the news or to make suggestions about future topics.