A Recollection

Last Good Friday I did what I usually do on any Good Friday and loaded up the car and headed for the recycling centre ¬†at Lyne. It was closed ,it is every Friday and Thursday.”Lack of demand” was what I was subsequently told by my local counsellor.On Good Friday the demand was so lacking that there was a bit of jam in the in the lay-by at the entrance as cars tried to turn round .Next day there was a thirty five minute wait to get into the recycling centre (nothing wrong with the demand on a Saturday !) .I had a good natured dialogue with my counsellors about all this,I think we all know that not much will change as a consequence because that is just how things are. For the next few days I had the sense of “deja vu” .At my age I think it is a good policy to make yourself remember things (brain exercise to delay dementia) so I couldn’t let it go .Two weeks after Easter I was driving past the entrance when a tune popped into my head.

Tune lasts 20 minutes and will become an “ear worm”.
There are a couple of phrases that might cause offence today.

I am told that you can divide US citizens of about our age into two groups, those that listen to this every Thanks Giving day and those who have always hated it.