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At our next monthly meeting, on April 1st, the talk will be “Exciting Wildlife from Around the world” given by Tom Way

There will be no treasurers desk(again) at our monthly meeting on April 1st with normal service being resumed in May.

The February edition of the vu3a newsletter is now available to read or subscribe to follow link
There are walks on 11th,18th and 25th April for more information follow the link

Is there is anyone interested in forming a German Group please leave us a message

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Study Days

The schedule for the study days in 2019 has been published The Surrey Link

A Diversion

Sometimes the views expressed in this programme  are quite controversial.This one is by Howard Jacobson and is a gentle talk about parks.

If anyone is interested we could arrange an online discussion of recent podcasts.Contact me

News from the Groups


The Group will visiting Frensham Great Pond on April 16th. Membership is full but the group regularly publishes reports of its trips along with photographs on its webpage.If you want to be added to the waiting list for this very popular group please contact the   Group Leader

Walking Groups

Walks in April include St Ann’s Hill,The Runnymede Memorials.A boat trip from Canary Wharf to Greenwich

If you are not a member of the Group and would like to participate use the Contacts Page to get in touch with the Group Leader

Science Discussion 

At our meeting in April we will be discussing “What is Life” .This is about how a Nobel Prize winning Physicist ,Erwin Schroedinger ,laid the foundations of cell biology.

Art Discussion

I first became explicitly aware of Edmund Hopper when I went to an exhibition at the Tate modern, there I learnt about his influence on film makers.Now I enjoy spotting the “Hopper moment in films.

Looking for a Sponsor Group

CD2 002 (2)

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Many of us posses old photographs which evoke personal memories ,a broader collection often stirs collective memories which if recorded can contribute to a richer social history