Getting Around

Anything coloured blue on the page is either a link to somewhere ,usually on the main site, or will bring up an email so that you can send us a message .To get back to the News page you will need to use the browser “back button” which is located top left of the page and looks like < . Or if I have produced the page there will be link back.

The News Feed

If you hover on the News Feed it will pause so that you can read it or click on a link

Playing Podcasts and Video’s

To play a podcast click the arrow underneath the image and them adjust the volume to suit .( You might need to turn up the volume on the sound settings on your computer)
To view a video, click on the arrow at the centre of the image,to go to full screen click the [ ] symbol bottom right of video when it is playing, to return to normal size press “esc” key on your keyboard.( again adjust volume to suit )