Quantum Indeterminacy

Someone has recently sent an email saying that their u3a group managed to crack relativity but was stuck on quantum indeterminacy .This is not unique ,I recently visited someone aged 104, he was a distinguished biologist, he told me that he was comfortable with relativity but not quantum mechanics. Einstein himself was not at all happy with many aspects of the theory. I thought about writing something,but it wouldn’t be that good. So I’ve looked out a video of Richard Feynman giving talk on the topic .I learnt most of my Physics from a series of lectures which was published in the mid 60’s called “The Feynman Lectures on Physics” .The last collection of lectures was on quantum physics and in the preface he writes ” I can safely say that no one understands Quantum Mechanics”

The quality of this video isn’t good but it is worth persevering with because of the content.

Posted by Laurence March 16,2018