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There are two art groups Art Groups at Runnymede U3A,Appreciation led by Pat Kilminster and Exploration led by Maggie Alderman . This post has been set up to complement the activities of these two groups.
There is a wealth of material available on the internet which we can all access .What we are trying to do here is to initiate discussions around some of the video’s and perhaps engage with a wider audience than can be accommodated at the meetings .What we can’t do is serve tea. I think that we can however, generate some technical glitches of our own.

Here are couple of tips about playing the video.

To view the video, click on the arrow at the centre of the image,,to go to full screen click the [ ] symbol bottom right of video when it is playing, to return to normal size press esc key on your keyboard.

Posted by Laurence January17 2018