“I am therefore I think”

“Is this putting Descartes before dee horse?”                                                                            “Rules are Banned

 I used to be indecisive now I’m not so sure

Three things I really hate


2.Lists                                Lions 6 Christians 0


Arsenal are magic they disappeared from the top 4



   Whither atrophy?      Plan B=Make Plan A work

Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour. FC .

Posted by :Jo
November 26th 2016


“All Americans must be accompanied by an adult”

Jean-Paul Satre, writing his ‘Being and Nothingness’ in a café, asks for a coffee without milk. The waitress says, “Sorry, we have no milk; will you take it without cream?”

“Prediction is always difficult, especially about the future”. (statisticians everywhere.)

Posted by Laurie 23rd Nov 2016