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The regular Global U3A forum next convenes noon UK time November 1st under the supervision of Bill Hopkinson from the vu3a . More Details at Global Forum
Runnymede Area U3A Science Discussion Group next convenes on November 3rd,Following a short talk about Sir Roger Penrose there will be a discussion about” Science in a Political Climate”. Guests Welcome. More Details at Science Online
A meeting for those of us with an interest in the Life and Work of Charles Dickens is scheduled for November 2nd .More Details at Dickens Meeting
MYU3A can now be accessed from an information page on the site.More Details at MyU3A
Th History Group at Farnham U3A has produced a series of Podcasts which can be accessed via the World History link on this page More Details at World History
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Picture of Emmy Noether
Picture of Albert Einstein
Picture of Rosalind Franklin
Picture of front cover New Scientist
Picture containing Large Hadron Collider
Picture of a black hole
Picture of Fermat

Science impacts all of our lives, a little understanding can inform our view of what is going on around us.

There are a large number of sites produced by members of the U3A. We are building a list of sites and what we have so far can be found on the following Links Page.

About Us

Picture of collection of old and rusty tobacco tinss

Old and a bit rusty

This site is run by a group of volunteers who share an interest in the use of technology to enhance the U3A experience . We are currently focused on sharing activities via Zoom technology and seeing where that takes us.

We work closely with World U3A who have pioneered the use of video technology through its regular International Forum.

There is no need to register to use the site but regular participants might find it convenient to do so.

Couple jiving
Picture from post war period
Picture of Street Scene
Picture of bombing devastation
Picture of Dresden after bombing
Picture of march in support of the miners strike
Picture a atomic explosion
Picture of three boys on their bikes late 50's
Picture of post war miners in Wales

Your memories of daily life at times of great change in the twentieth century are worth preserving. We are working closely with Timewitnesses.org in order to preserve them.

This site uses the Zoom video-conferencing facility. Our “Meetings and Notices” page gives access to the schedule for future events.

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